American Economy in a mess

I think we need to wake up as a country , the current economic mess is not going to be solved by either presidential candidate, who right now are only concerned in bashing each other in order for them to win the presidency. According to them you wouldn’t even think we had a problem in the economy. The real problem is the economic mess we are in and I don’t think we  really understand how we got here and how we get out of it.
Ron Paul Video

I never gave too much notice to Ron Paul but he is they only person I believe that is making any kind of sense and has solutions to fix them. The thing that really gets me is that when I was child and of course didn’t know how the economy works I would think well why doesn’t the government just print more money and it would solve the problem, ok I was just a kid give me a break. But this is exactly what are government is doing right now printing money out of thin air as Ron Paul says here in the video. You mean to to tell me the government doesn’t know what they are doing to the value of the dollar?

Somebody give me an answer of why the hell we are still in Iraq?  We are spending millions of dollars a day while the Iraq government has a surplus? Where is the outrage of the American people? Why is this ignored? It just doesn’t make sense to me but who am I. Our government is just making matters worse and we don’t have any leaders who will stand up for the American public.