How to get more twitter followers

Get A Follower

Twitter is setting record numbers in the amount of users and is now one of the most popular social network platforms. In order for you to gain more followers on twitter you must know that the power of social network is in the people. You can easily gain massive twitter followers if you utilize all of the hundreds of tools out there that offer you ways to gain massive followers, this however in my opinion is counter productive to a succesful social marketing strategey and defeats the whole purpose of using twitter to communicate. If you do want to take that shortcut one approach would be to use Get A Follower.

I would reccomend a slow but surely approach to gaining more followers choosing quality followers over quanity, you can have thousands of followers but if most are just spam bots and peeps who don’t communicate back with you, then you are not going to build any real new relationships and is pointless. Here are some tools,websites and techniques I use to find quality Tweeps.

  • One great way to find friends and followers is by using twitters search feature here you can do a search with keywords related to the type of friends you are looking for.
  • I also find friends by digging into my current friends list of followers. For instance if you are looking for real estate friends to network with it is more than likely most real estate agents network with each other and you will be able to find plenty of new followers, pay attention also to the number of people they are following if they have just a few compared to the number of people following them it is unlikely they will follow you.
  • Now with the new twitter lists feature you can easily find tons of new followers based on keywords of other peoples lists. Now that this feature is in place to all users I truly believe this is best way to find your followers.
  • You can also write a blog post just asking people to follow you. Like the saying goes it never hurts to ask, just like I am going to ask you now to follow me, I hope you do Danny in Tampa

Good luck in your quest to find new followers and if you have any new ideas that you would like to add please feel free to comment below and don’t forget to add your twitter url.