10 Reasons People Join the Military

It doesn’t matter if you’re an action junkie who looks forward to front line maneuvers, a tech wizard who can get to the root of any computer problem, or even the type of individual who enjoys using sheer intellect to creatively solve problems. You will find a host of individuals just like yourself in the armed forces. The military provides excellent opportunities that few other pursuits offer. Each branch of the military has different training options. No matter which one you choose, get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Here are some reasons to join the military and change your life!

1. Education
The GI bill is a major factor for some when it comes to making the decision to serve in the armed forces. This bill allows military men and women to pursue a higher education for free. It covers a person’s books, tuition, and related expenses. Many people make the decision to join the military solely based on the tuition assistance that military personnel receive.

2. Travel
There’s no better way to travel around the world for little or nothing. Being a member of the military means you could get stationed in various parts of America or even different countries around the world.

3. Benefits
Corporate America can’t top the non-educational benefits that military men and women receive. Home loans, small business loans, and free lifetime healthcare are just a few of the many benefits that come with joining the armed forces, not to mention the nice signing bonus.

4. Love of Country
For some individuals, there’s no greater testament of how they feel about their country than making a career out of defending her.

5. Following in Family Footsteps
In some cases, joining the military is an entrenched family tradition. In some families, generations spanning back to World War I and beyond have fought in the U.S. military. New generations highly anticipate the day when they can take up their family’s proud legacy of military service.

6. Leadership Experience
Participation in the military is a great way to gain leadership skills. Not only can military personnel climb the ranks within the armed services, but they’ll also gain skills that are highly valued in many civilian arenas.

7. A Lifetime Career
The military is a great way to have a lifetime career that will provide excellent lifetime benefits.

8. Honor
Solemnity and a sense of purpose follow men and women in uniform. Serving in the armed services is without question about fulfilling a sense of honor for some.

9. Personal Challenge
Basic training and a host of other activities in the military present challenges that people typically don’t face in civilian life. Seeking to facilitate personal growth and maturity is a common reason individuals join the armed forces.

10. Becoming Part of a Team
There is a camaraderie among enlisted men and women, which is born from going through basic training and all of the other experiences at home and on the field.

The armed forces are an essential piece of the fabric of America. Men and women have many different reasons for joining the military and even more for staying in a career that serves and protects the country.

Stephen Cline has an MBA and has worked in the finance industry. You can follow him on Twitter @stephlines or check out his writing at http://www.economiccrisisblog.com/.