10 Ways to Stretch Your College Dollar

Often students entering college have trouble budgeting their limited funds. There’s really  no point in arguing this, so one’s time would be better spent learning how to cope with this dreadful problem instead of sulking around with an empty wallet!

1. Reduce gas use
This can be accomplished by carpooling if large groups share a common destination, or even eliminating the vehicle altogether! Many college destinations are within walking distance.

2. Downgrade your ride
While it may not sound like a good idea, many SUVs, trucks and sporty vehicles are true gas guzzlers! Selling your newer, shinier ride and using the money to buy a cheaper vehicle can possibly save you money on your insurance plan and give you more spending money in the long run.

3. Get buff
Exercise and a proper diet can promote good health, which keeps those expensive doctor visits at bay. Muscle presence can also assist in carrying heavy book loads.

4. Focus on your studies
Turning down the occasional party so you can prepare for an important test saves you money that you would have spent on gas, alcohol, or other fun-but-tasteless hobbies; actually passing your classes due to this studying will also provide much needed emotional support.

5. Move in with your parents
It’s always best to ask their permission first, but most parents will charge less rent than an actual landlord will. Some may only require you do the occasional chore (or a dozen chores, it’s really up to the parent).

6. Stay out of relationships
Relationships, at least the short-term kind, can be expensive both in travel costs and “other” costs. Some of that late-night “studying” that goes on should be devoted to your books. Just remember: Studying is free, while ordering latex in bulk quantities is not free at all.

7. Room with classmates!
If you cannot get shared living quarters with your parents (or if you just don’t want to), rooming with fellow college mates can always save money! Try to room with somebody rich and responsible, who will most likely assist you in whatever financial burdens you may have. Responsible people may be difficult to find in college though.

8. Buy cheap food
While that cheap pizza may taste like cardboard, it’s at least more nutritiously endowed than the paper product. It’s also much cheaper than that carry-out pizza.

9. Save paper
Write on the back of everything- even those love letters you use to pass back and forth in high-school!

10. Learn to budget
Apportioning out your money at the beginning of each month can certainly be helpful, as long as you apportion it out to the right things. Budgeting does very little good if almost all the funds are dedicated to purchasing glow-paint and professional spit-ball straws.

In all seriousness, someday you will finally leave the dorm life behind and will have to deal with loans which require an interest calculator and mortgage payments, medical bills, car payments…ahhh! Okay, but for now try and enjoy yourself without overspending your budget!