15 ML Mens New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)

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Product Name: 15 ML Mens New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)

Product Description: Enter the newPheromone Additive NPA for Men BoxedNPA Mens Pheromones and the new, updated and long awaited new Pheromone Additive has finally arrived. This additive has the same amount of pheromones as the spray (2.5 mg), is designed to be added to a favorite cologne or perfume. It is a concentrate with a unique dropper bottle. Containing about 5 times the androstenone of the old Pheromone Additive just for starters. Like the old PA, the new NPA Mens Pheromones are also designed to be added to your own favorite cologne or after shave.Each bottle contains approximately 90 drops, 8 drops equals 1 ml. One can also use 2-3 drops directly onto shirt or clothes. Add the nml NPA to 25ML equivalent cologne / perfume. If you have more cologne /perfume / you need to add more NPA or vice versa. The new Pheromone Additive comes in two separate and scientifically based formula, one for men and one for women.NPA for Men Pheromones is Very concentrates! NPA for Men should only be used for mixing with cologne or aftershave.NPA for Men Pheromones Comes in small (7ml) boxed and large (15ml) bottles with a box, both with convenient eyedropper lid for easy use.

Manufacturer Love Scent
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