3 Cool Boy Baby Shower Ideas

boy baby shower ideasAre you planning a baby shower for a little boy? Not sure which theme you want to use? The first thing that you want to do when planning a baby shower is to choose the theme that is right for you.

It may be something that one of the parents really likes like a cartoon character or a favorite sport. Here in this article I’ll be giving you ideas for 3 cool themes for you to read over and decide which one resonates with you the most. Some of the ideas in this article can be used across various different themes with a little creativity.

1- A Nautical Baby Shower

Boys love sailboats and ships, so throwing a nautical baby shower is a great idea. The basic colors for this theme are red, white and blue. To start off your decorations, have a red ‘It’s a boy’ banner with navy sailboats at the beginning of the party entrance and lots of balloons all over the party. You can also have little baby sailor faces with sailor hats decorating the party. For the flowers you can have red and white carnations. Also, check out these baby shower flower centerpiece ideas.

For the cake, you can make a big sailboat at the top of two round cakes or you can make nautical themed cupcakes. To do this, make regular cupcakes and then decorate the top of them with white icing. On top of them, you can place a light blue boat with a sail, a red and white lifesaver or a cute navy blue anchor. For an even stronger effect, you can place the cupcakes on towering trays so that they are visible immediately when the guests arrive. Decorate the top of the tower with blue and red party paper. Here are some more homemade baby shower decorations for you to get more ideas on what to do.

2 -Surfer Boy Baby Shower

This theme is a perfect match for parents who love the beach and surfing. Some fathers don’t like too much ‘frill’ when it comes to their newborn boy and the surfer theme is much more ‘boyish’ than other themes out there. You can use actual surf boards to decorate the party if you have them; however if you don’t, simply buy surf board cut outs at a party store. If you’re not finding any surf board cut outs, try looking in teacher resource shops. They have many summer themed cut out bulletin boards that can be used for your baby shower and they’re very cheap too! Purchase some onesies and other baby clothing items with surfboards on them and have a baby clothesline going across a wall to decorate your shower. Invitations can be hand made in the shape of a surf board or you can just buy surf themed baby shower invitations and fill them in. Some favor ideas are surfboard shaped cookies or surfboard keychains. You can wrap either of them in pretty transparent paper and tie them with blue and green ribbons. Here are some more ideas for handmade baby shower favors for you to check out.

3- The Jungle Baby Shower Theme

This theme is one of the many animal themed baby showers that you can plan and will be sure to make your guests smile. You can start by sending out invitations that say ‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a baby boy arrives…’ Have cute animals looking at the new bundle of joy decorating the invitation. For the ‘sweets table’, have several animal themed chocolates on sticks in a green vase. Another idea is to have cupcakes with green icing and sugar animals on top. There are many animal print helium balloons out there that can be tied to the ends of tables and chairs. Store bought paper trees make great decoratives for the finger foods table. The best colors for this theme are green, yellow, brown and oranges. For a cost-effective banner, use paper plates and personalize your message. Each letter of what you want to say is written on the paper plate with dark black marker. To make this banner, you can use two different colors for the plates and tape the back of the plates onto string. Display your message above the foods table or in the entrance way. Have cute animal faces at each end of the banner. Here are more tips for you to know how to throw a baby shower on a budget.
So those are 3 of my favorite boy baby shower themes. Hope you enjoyed them 🙂
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