5 Amazing Perks of Working from Home

Many people dream of working from home. In fact, more people are making it a reality than ever before. Some choose to start their own small online business. Others develop a skill like medical transcription or copy writing and work as independent contractors.

The Internet has created many opportunities for home-based work. There is also an increasing number of traditional employers who allow their experienced workers to telecommute. Working from home definitely has some desirable benefits.

1. The Schedule
Those working at home can generally sleep, work, eat and take sick days or vacation time at their discretion. It’s the most flexible work schedule imaginable.

2. The Atmosphere
Most people love working in their own private, comfortable space. This can mean wearing pajamas to work, eating snacks, playing favorite music or even calling friends whenever they want.

3. Self-Supervision
Working at home means being one’s own boss. No one else can dictate break times, deadlines, work rules or evaluations. There are no fears of getting fired, demoted or suspended. When working with customers or clients, the transactions are voluntary.

4. More Time with Family
Parents often work at home to spend more time with their children. It is sometimes possible to balance a work day with parental duties. Break times can be spent with loved ones instead of annoying coworkers.

5. Savings
In most cases, working at home eliminates commuting and cuts transportation expenses to a minimum. It can also save on food cost, since expensive restaurant lunches and impulse purchases of fast food are less likely.

These great perks can lure just about anyone towards the idea of working at home, but before embarking on a home career, it should be understood that there are also challenges. It might seem appealing to show up for work in pajamas, but maintaining self-discipline can be difficult. When one has free rein, it’s easy to get distracted and fail to accomplish work goals.

Loved ones and friends may wrongly assume that home workers can just drop everything for them on a whim. The self-employed have more complex tax preparation, and most have to purchase their own health insurance. Some home-based jobs are not as profitable as traditional employment.

Despite the inherent negatives, there are many ways to overcome obstacles and make a smashing success of a work-at-home job. Accomplishment and fulfillment depend largely on personal discipline, commitment, hard work and patience.

Sammi M is an at home copy writer who enjoys the fact that he never needs to step foot in another business office again. He can wear sweatpants and his personalised t shirts and no one will judge him. It’s his favorite part of working from home.