Blogging mistakes to avoid

I am never going to write about how to make money online because I am not one of those bloggers that pretend they know how to make money online when we all know most have no authority on the subject since most do not make money. Besides not all blogs are all about making money and every blogger has their own objectives in blogging.

I can share with you the mistakes I have made in blogging so you do not make the same ones I have made. Hey this is not easy for me ok since I like to think I don’t make mistakes, but what the heck we all do so I guess it’s not so bad to admit them.

  • Not responding back to comments.
    This one is huge. I made this mistake and certainly regret it. There was a time I just didn’t have the time because I was busy selling real estate. But even if you get busy or distracted and you just don’t have the time, someway somehow find the time to respond to your comments.

    The whole concept around blogging is interaction so if you were able to write something that someone was interested enough to comment , you should be able to respond to them.  I am making a concerted effort to try and respond to most comments now especially the ones that invoke some type of dialogue.

  • Writing when you are not in the mood.
    There are many different views on how much you should blog, writing for some people comes naturally, for other people it takes a little more work, I fall into this category. My brain really needs to be focused in order to write, I wish I was a better writer and it did come naturally but for me I really need to be in the mood and not have any distractions around me in order to complete a post.
  • Not incorporating video into your blog. Videos are a great way to not only increase your traffic to your site but provides an opportunity for you audience to see your personality that may not always show up in your writing. Did you know that Youtube has the second most search queries behind google.I plan on making incorporating videos a priority this year.
  • Doing too many projects at once.
    This is difficult for me because this blog is not my main source of income and I have to focus on other blogs and websites to maintain. I sometimes bounce back and forth to many different projects in a day so it becomes unproductive for me. If you are working on multiple blogs have an allotted time focusing on just one specific blog for that time, don’t bounce back and forth between blogs.
  • Not giving back If you find a great blogger and have learned something valuable don’t be afraid to give them props. They will most appreciate you linking to their site as a token of appreciation. If your site is all about you it is going to show and people will be turned off.

I am sure there others I have made but these are some of the ones I would like you to avoid. So what are your thoughts? Have you made any of these mistakes? Care to share any other mistakes you have made in blogging? Please comment below