5 Ideas That Will Help You Remember To Get Things Done

Guest Post by Eren Mckay

Have you ever found yourself simply forgetting to do important tasks? Forgetting to do things on time can cause a lot of stress in your family life and even affect your health. Establishing habits and systems can help you remember your tasks. However, it’s essential to take into consideration your personality type and your lifestyle when setting up these habits. If you don’t think about these factors there’s a big chance that the “systems” that you attempt to set up will end up not working for you.
Get Motivated
The first thing that needs to happen when establishing any change in your habits is getting motivated. Remembering to do things may seem simple but it requires a perseverance to maintain the habits. Every person is unique. Specific life situations, experiences and personal make up are things that influence us to get really excited about certain things and not so excited about others.
Discover within yourself what gets you motivated and focus on those things. Getting motivated is the reason why goal based ethics and setting goals is important . By establishing goals we can implement a lot more changes that are necessary for us. The last thing that we want to do, is start to make changes and then lose that drive. Without the inspiration, we’ll end up going back to old habits that don’t help us reach our goals. After you’ve gotten yourself inspired to make the necessary changes in your habits try out some of the following ideas so that you’ll stop forgetting to do things.
Answering Machine Cue
If you have and use an answering machine every day, then calling your answering machine and leaving messages for yourself will definitely work. This is the perfect example of what might fit one person’s lifestyle but not everyone’s. If you have an answering machine but only check it once a week (or once in a while), then calling your answering machine won’t work for you. You need to ask yourself if leaving reminder messages on your answering machine is a habit that you can realistically incorporate into your lifestyle. If it is, then this is a great option for you.
Email Reminders
Setting up email reminders is a great way to keep on top of things. Free services like the Google calendar make doing this very simple. It will email you every new event that you have scheduled. If you don’t want to fill your inbox with lots of email then I suggest only having the calendar set up to email the more important events. However, if you rarely open your email then you’ll need to establish the habit of opening up your email everyday so that this idea works for you.
Post it Notes
Visual people will work very well with post it notes. For example; I have several parts of my room that I have categorized for different kinds of notes to myself. The “prime real estate” (so to speak) of my room is the side of my computer. I call this “prime real estate” because of the fact that it is the area that I’m around most of the time. There is no way that I can miss a post it note if it is placed right there. I only post notes on the side of my computer monitor that need to be done with the next 2 or 3 days. I don’t post notes on things that need to be done 5 weeks from now. This makes it simple to know when there is a task that needs to be taken care of the next two days.
Other areas of my room will have post it notes for different purposes. For example; the right side of my TV has post it notes on money that I need to pay people or they need to pay me. These are facts that I need to keep handy but they are not as urgent as the post it notes on the side of my computer. They’re just there so that I can keep track of how much is owed to whom.
Prioritize Your Papers
Paper is the one thing that can get really confusing. Not only because there’s so much of it but because there are so many action steps that need to be done with each paper. Of all of the papers that we have there are certain papers that need to be taken care of immediately. If you can put all of these “immediate papers” into one priority action folder then the moment that you need to solve something they are all together in one place.
In order to find the exact paper that you need the moment that you need it, you need to know how to organize office files and important papers . If you don’t get your papers in order this will cause you a lot of stress and headaches. Creating a structure and establishing systems takes time but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll find yourself forgetting less and having more time to do the things that matter most to you.
Eren Mckay is a work at home mom to 3 boys. She loves to share her ideas on how to organize a small homeschool room and other resources for having quality family life.