5 reasons you aren’t retaining readers on your blog

Maintaining your own blog can be difficult at times. Keeping your blog relevant with steady traffic should be your main goal. There are many reasons why blogs fail. The majority of people don’t know why there blogs fail to retain readers. Often, the answer to that question is simpler than one may think. Here are 5 reasons why your blog isn’t retaining readers.

1. Possibly the biggest reason a blog doesn’t retain readers is that it just isn’t interesting anymore. If the same information keeps being recycled over and over, devoted readers may feel there is no reason to visit your blog anymore. If someone has read everything your blog has to offer, it is time to add new content. Expand the blog by discussing a multitude of different subjects. The more successful blogs will generally ask for their readers input. They can tell the blog owner what topics they would enjoy reading about. This will also bring new viewers to your site by expanding the audience.

2. The written word is great but video adds a little spice to your blog. Now not every great blog utilizes video, but a good number of them do. Just think of how many people visit online video sites everyday. Good blogs will draw some of these people from these monster sites. It is also another way that a blog audience is expanded. Having a video accompanied by a blog post discussing it, provides additional information that they may not have received at a typical video site. It also helps retain viewers, maybe not for the long haul, but at least for a little extra time. They may stumble upon an interesting post in your blog and get hooked.

3. Many blogs add tie-in links to their posts. If someone is reading about a specific topic, adding additional links to related content may keep them coming back. Face it, no matter how much someone knows about a certain subject, there is usually always something that they don’t know. Giving them additional information to read will dramatically increase their time spent at the blog.

4. Retaining readers isn’t just about the content that you post. The best blogs have an attractive design and the site is easy to navigate. When someone comes to your blog knowing what they’re looking for, they want to be able to find it easily. Also, an eye catching design will help differentiate your blog from the millions of others out there.

5. Last but not least, regularly posting new content is a must. No one is going to continue reading your blog if it hasn’t been updated in months. There is no reason for them to come back if they have read everything there is to offer. Even 2 or 3 new posts a week is enough to satisfy most readers. They may really enjoy your blog and the content that can be found there, but only if there are regular updates with new information for them to read.

This post was contributed by Emily M. She is a guest writer for a variety of sites and also frequently writes on behalf of a website you can reach when you click here.