6 Ways To Exercise Despite Freezing Temps

When things get cold, it’s often difficult to get outside and exercise.  The freezing temperatures often makes exercise difficult.  It can even effect how you walk because of frozen sidewalks or surfaces?   So, what can the  actively fit person do on those days when it’s Freezing/Snowing?

 ñ  Move your activities inside:  You can always use the gym, or community center instead.  It’s easy, it’s heated, and you will get a similar workout.

ñ  Play an indoor sport: Many sports work very well within an interior setting.  It’s always worth considering sports like Raquetball, Basketball, or even weightlifting.

ñ  Go for a swim:  Swimming laps within pools have been proven to be a strong source for exercise.  It focuses on your body as a whole, and gives you both endurance, strength training, and stronger lungs.  Swimming also acts as an excellent source of cross-training, providing a focus on all muscles.  Most pools are designed with this trait.

ñ  Take on a video series:  In the past ten years, programs like P90X and Tae-bo have provided an invigorating routine that challenges your entire body.  And you can always do them in the comfort of your own air conditioning.

ñ  Dress heavily up front, then strip as you go:  The more clothes you wear, the more heat you collect, and the more heat you collect, the warmer you stay.  However, your body starts producing heat as you run.  So, making sure that you have clothing that is warm, but easy to take off.  Also, layers are helpful, since they are easier to transition from freezing, to overheating.

ñ  Track your body:  If you workout, and your body begins to feel weak, or uncomfortable, STOP. It’s better for you to stop and take a break then to press on through and get hurt badly.


There are many answers for beating the cold. You could stay inside, do a video series, or even just dress in a different manner.  Each action  gives you a potentially different response.  But whatever response you choose on those colder days, always make sure to keep track of your health, and how you are feeling.  That way, you will do your best while still feeling at the top of your game.

Chris Hutton is a student at Bellevue University, who also spends his time blogging at The Truth of Genius (Link here: http://thetruthofgenius.com)