8 of the Best Gadgets of 2011…So Far…

8 of the Best gadgets of 2011

As everybody was expecting, 2011 has been the year for some of the coolest gadgets to be launched in the market. So here we try and review some of the head turners of the year 2011 in the reverse order:

8. The Blackberry Playbook is definitely one of the smartest gadgets the year has seen. The tablet PC comes with a 7 inch multi-touch screen having 1 GHz dual core processor along with 1 MB RAM with the most industry friendly operating system called the QNX. It also has all multi-tasking features along with internet connectivity with 3G and Wi-Fi. Thus, with all its high end features, this devices deserves top mention in the list.

7. As we go on further with our research, a gadget which stole our attention was the Android smart phone: Google Nexus S, thus it has the seventh position in the list. This latest device from Google supporting the Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been definitely in the talks. The 4 inch capacitive touch along with 1 GHz processor paired with features like 3G and Wi-Fi make this among the coolest gadgets of 2011.

6. The year 2011 is definitely a year of tablets. So the device which got the sixth position on the list is the Motorola Xoom Android tablet. The tablet is light and thin and features 1 GHz processor on a 10.1 wide screen display. This device has two cameras and looks extremely sleek and is a very powerful multitasking machine.

5. Among the gaming gadgets, a few have made it to the list. The Nintendo 3DS definitely deserves the fifth position it has got. The glasses-free 3D feature is definitely the highlight of the device. The gadget is an awesome gaming device.

4. The fourth position on the list goes to the Sony Ericsson PlayStation smart phone. It is one of a kind, with a cellular device integrated with a gaming device. The 9 hour battery life, along with the Android 2.3 powered operating system, makes it one of the top gadgets of 2011.

3. Apple definitely has its say in the market as far as the smart phones are concerned. The iPhone4 makes it to the third position in the list. Powered by the extremely cool operating system iOS4, multitasking is definitely the strong point. It has two cameras and weighs just 4.8 ounces. Thus it is definitely the coolest smart phone on the block.

2. The eBook reader Amazon Kindle makes it to the second spot. Extremely sleek and efficient with the storage of 4GB data, it is the best eBook reader to buy. A 1000 page book on the device can be handled with one hand.

1. Probably the first position is for the most expected device. It’s a tablet. The iPad2 is the gadget that makes it to the top. The .7 inch IPS display along with A5 dual core processor makes it definitely the coolest gadget on the block. Sleek, thin and ultra efficient–what else are you looking from your gadget?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sera Filson is a writer, entrepreneur and professional student who’s currently pursuing a B.A. in Business Management. She manages her busy life by staying organized with Outlook, which uses Intermedia’s Exchange Hosting.