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Product Name: AndrosteNOL Pheromones

Product Description: AndrosteNOL is a human sex pheromone found in our sweat. It can be used by men and women, but has a particularly strong effect when trying to attract women. AndrosteNOL is found in many of our pheromone products, and can be combined with other pheromones and fragrances to make a unique pheromone scent.Beginner's might want to check out our premixed pheromone fragrances, but if you're an experienced pheromone user and want to try your hand at making your own formula, androsteNOL is a great ingredient. Each 10ml bottle of androsteNOL contains a guaranteed 10mg dry weight of pure androsteNOL pheromonesAndrosteNOL is also available as part of our Fab 4 Chem Set, which includes a bottle of androsteNOL bundled with bottles of androstaDIENONE, androsteNONE and androsteRONE for a great price.

Manufacturer Love Scent
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