Top 4 Animal Themed Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re having a hard time picking out a baby shower theme, then choose an animal theme. Animals are always so cute and adorable. Here in this article I’ll give you my top 4 picks for animal themed baby showers.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake1- My number one choice is a Noah’s Ark baby shower.

There’s something about seeing all those adorable animals in a big boat that always makes me smile. Of course this theme is not just about animals, however you can use any animal decoration with it and “go wild” with your imagination :-). Make your party adorable with pastel toned animals such as giraffes, cats, horses, monkeys, and panda bears. This theme combines well with blue tones. Here’s more ideas for a blue themed baby shower.
In addition to the cute animals, you can decorate the party with lots of rainbow banners, and rainbow wall decoratives. It’s fairly easy to create a large rainbow out of construction paper, (even if you’re not the craftiest person in the world.)
A good idea to save you time is for you to find unique ready made Noah’s ark decoratives. You will find these at Sunday School and Teacher Resource Stores. Look for bulletin boards and other paper crafts in that theme. You can also get Noah’s Ark themed pencils, bookmarks and stickers to put in your ‘Noah’s Ark’ themed favor bags. Here’s a large array of Noah’s ark activities and crafts that can be useful when preparing your party, especially if children are attending.

Monkey Diaper Cake2 – The monkey baby shower theme is a cool idea that hasn’t been overused as some other themes have.

If you want it to be more girly you can have the color scheme be pink, beige and brown. Pink and brown look very pretty together and there are many decoratives available in this color combination. If you want to use the monkey theme for a boy, you can go for brighter colors or you can use calmer tones such as yellow, cream and brown. Of course blue is always a great color to use too mixed with brown and cream tones. For the food, have many banana themed items such as banana cake, banana smoothies, banana bread, and even set up a banana split ice cream station. For games you can play pin the tail on the monkey, and have a banana race or scavenger hunt. A hilarious game to play no matter what theme you pick is the baby shower diaper game. For more games, you can check out this other article with 4 more baby shower game ideas. Make sure to take lots of pictures during your shower for treasured memories. With a little creativity and planning you can have a wonderful monkey baby shower event.

3- The Jungle/Safari theme is an all time favorite and although it can be used for boys or girls, it’s usually used as a boy theme.

Animal SweetsSome of the wild animals you can use are tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants and bears. Other than placing adorable stuffed animals everywhere (that can later be re-purposed for the baby’s nursery), you can have lots and lots of paper trees on walls to create that jungle feeling. Another idea is to get artificial palm trees and put them around the party. Have vines hanging from the ceiling and stuffed monkeys holding onto them. Animal shaped cookie cutters can make your food be jungle themed. I used them when I planned a rubber duck baby shower for lots of different foods. You can cut the cheese, cookies, jello, and finger sandwiches with these. A great color palette to use with this theme is beige, light yellow, and light green. Oranges also add a more lively touch to the party.

4 – Insects are animals too, so why not use cute little bugs for a baby shower theme?

Ladybug CupcakesSome insect theme ideas are butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies or my favorite: the ladybug baby shower. Of course all of these bugs are cute. Some people have used the ‘Snug as a Bug’ theme where they use various different insects and not just one. The ladybug baby shower idea and the butterflies baby shower is more feminine so definitely use those for a girl themed baby shower. Caterpillars, dragonflies or the ‘Snug as a Bug’ theme can be used for boys or girls. Make sure to have complimentary colors to the themed tableware that you purchase.

So those are my top 4 animal themed baby shower ideas. I hope they inspired you in some way. Follow your heart and pick the one that makes you feel the happiest when thinking about your event.
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