Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

I was… Learn how a Cross Country Trip changed the way I run my business!!!

After traveling well over 6300 miles to the Pacific and back, I wanted to share with you the insights I learned on my way out West while running the Annex. Prior to leaving, I always seemed to have a to do list that would give birth and multiply each and every day. This seemed to be the reason why I could never get any of my work done. Almost like a broken record, I seemed to carry over my projects into the next day which led to next week, in turn, led to the next month. Being on the road shackled me from being on the Internet for the most part and I had to figure out how to get work completed without me in the equation. What I learned was that the Team I had assembled at the Annex is more than capable of doing the much needed work I could never get to.

The first thing I had to do was empower my team to make decisions without me and then I had to give them the creative freedom to get things done. What happened next os the unvarnished truth! Projects that had taken me months to complete started to get done in a matter of hours. The Team was moving faster without me that with me. How could I have been in the Mastermind business and not have seen that I was the cog in my very own system? That cross country trip helped streamline my entire business by getting me out of my very own way.

The Annex Newsletter, The JV Catalog and other various projects were created while I was traveling America and visiting places like New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Costa Mesa, Tucson and many more amazing places. When I got back, we had Gary Vaynerchuk keynote the Annex. It was arguably one of the best Annex events in history.

Lesson: Empower others to help co-create your visions and step aside!

This article was written by Chris Krimitsos, Founder of The Wealth Building Annex, a premiere business Mastermind organization in the Tampa Bay, FL area.