Barbara Walters reveals the truth about Jones weight lost on Oprah show

Barbara Walters comes forward on the Oprah show about the weight loss of Star Jones. She reportedly lost 160 pounds by doing portion control and Pilates. Barbara Walters knew about Jones’ gastric bypass surgery long before “The View” co-host admitted it to the public, but she and the rest of “The View” women lied to keep it a secret because Jones didn’t want to talk about it.

“Then we had to lie on the set every day because she said it was portion control and Pilates. Well, we knew it wasn’t portion control and Pilates.”

Barbara recently also came clean with her affair in the 70’s with Sen. Edward Brooke. The couple agreed to keep their relationship a secret for fear that public knowledge of it would ruin their careers.

Barbara Walters is on the O’Reilly Factor show tonight (May 7 8:00 est) on FOX News. This should be an interesting show.