Basketball Home Court Advantage

I am getting ready to watch the Boston Celtics later today, and although I have lost interest in basketball over the years I have to support the team in green. But is there even a reason to watch? The game is at home and from what I have seen in the playoffs the home team has a huge advantage. I believe their has only been one game that has been won on the road this series by any team.

home court advantage

Is having the crowd on your side cheering for you that much of motivation? I would have to say it is somewhat but not enough to make every home team invisible. I believe the officiating is the problem, the home team gets way more calls in a game and actually effects the outcome in some of them.

I think the officiating in basketball is worse than any other sport by far. Well if the Celtics lose today I guess my theory will be proved wrong. We will see what happens.