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Product Name: Beginner Special for Women

Product Description: Are you new to pheromones and interested in giving them a serious try? Our Beginner Special for Women contains all of the products you'll need to get a great start in the world of pheromones. The Beginner Special for Women comes with a variety of products listed below:One Bottle of Edge Unscented for WomenEdge Unscented for Women contains a unique pheromone formula that can be combined with any of your favorite fragrances or with one of our other pheromone products to great effect! Edge Unscented for Women will help you gain confidence and sex appeal so that you can demand attention in any social situation. If you'd like to get an Edge in the office, the club, or anywhere else, Edge Unscented for Women can help you out.One Bottle of "Climation" Scented Super Primal Pheromone OilOur Super Primal Pheromone Oils are scented, essential oils with added androsteNOL pheromones. Super Primal Pheromone Oils are made to be used alone, or to be added to one of our unscented pheromones, such as Edge Unscented for Women for added effect.One Pocket AtomizerOur 5ml Pocket Atomizers are refillable, so you can take your own pheromone mixtures with you on the go. Combine a little Super Primal Pheromone Oil with some Edge Unscented for Women in one of these atomizers, and you'll be good to go for any social situation.Sample Gel PacksThe Beginner Special comes with one of each of our Gel Packs for Women, as well as an Edge Wipe for Women These gel packs and wipes are single use packets that can be taken with you anywhere so you can freshen up with pheromones.Let us know what you think of our Beginner Special for Women! At Love Scent, we love making new customers happy. If you aren't happy with our products, remember that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so there is no risk in trying out our pheromones.

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