Behold, LiLash!

Behold, LiLash! Eyelash Stimulator and Conditioner

So many women want luxuriously full eyelashes to enhance those mysterious windows to the soul. That’s why many of us wear mascara and eyelash extensions. And that’s why I’m excited about this fairly new product called LiLash–because it is just amazing how fast it will make your eyelashes grow longer, thicker and stronger. So long and thick, that you can leave your mascara and fake eyelashes behind.

Yes, you can still use mascara, and even lash extensions, to further enhance or decorate your eyes…but you won’t need to after using this product! In fact, mascara users love LiLash because it gives them longer lashes to coat. And those who are addicted to, or just plain love fake eyelashes, will often praise LiLash as a miracle eyelash saver because it strengthens your eyelashes, and helps combat the eyelash brittleness and breakage that often occurs with regular fake eyelash use. Plus, your new longer, stronger lashes will provide superior eyelash extension support.

I just love great products, and I love anything that helps a woman accentuate her own natural beauty. I actually just heard about this product because a classmate did a presentation on it in our “Marketing New Products” undergraduate college class, and she also happens to manage a beauty salon. She currently sells this product to her clients without making a single penny, just because she loves sharing the good news!

She says she’s seen marvelous results from this product, and has even had to trim some people’s eyelashes that grew too long for their liking.

A Little History

So I dug around and did some research on my own. I found reviews comparing LiLash with RenewLash, but they are basically the same product. You see, LiLash was originally formulated as a medication to help patients with glaucoma, and that’s when it was discovered it helps the lashes grow at an amazing speed. Thus, a safe, and very effective, eyelash growth stimulator was developed, and was originally called RenewLash by Metics. It was recently reformulated in 2009, whereby some paraben was removed, and it no longer necessitates a prescription. That’s also when the company, located in Scottsdale, AZ, changed its name to Cosmetic Alchemy.

LiLash Benefits

Longer, thicker, darker lashes

Changes may be noticed within just 4-6 weeks

Less breakage than fake eyelash extensions

Physician formulated and clinically tested

More effective and lasts longer than eyelash conditioners

Has a 90-day, money back guarantee, depending on where it’s purchased

One tube lasts 5-12 months

They don’t perform animal testing

LiLash Drawbacks

It’s expensive–about $140 for one tube

Some people report irritation to the eyes

You have to put it on daily like liquid eyeliner

It may take 5 months to see the full benefit

You might have to trim your eyelashes

The Main Tip on Using LiLash: Less Is More

It is still effective even if you use 1/3 of the recommended dose

You’ll be less likely to experience irritation if you use less

It will last you longer if you use less

Other Useful Tips:

LiLash should be applied to the skin, not the eyelash

LiLash goes on like a liquid eyeliner, applied daily

If you already use liquid eyeliner, then you’re less likely to be Irritated by LiLash

Start using plain liquid eyeliner for a few weeks before trying LiLash

If you do experience irritation, it may go away within a week or two

If you experience irritation, stop using the product

Improper application can cause irritation, so follow directions closely

Do not apply LiLash to your lower eyelashes

Give it a full 5 months to see results, as recommended

Don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube, as this encourages air and bacteria to get into the tube, which lessens its shelf life

So whether you like to bat your eyes seductively, or innocently…you want to improve your sex appeal, or just highlight your eyes’ own natural beauty–then this may be just the product you’ve been looking for.

About the author: Sera Filson is a writer, health enthusiast, and proud mother, and is currently pursing a B.A. in Business Management. When she’s not exercising or studying, she enjoys reading about body contouring and being a fan of Sono Bello on LinkedIn and Sono Bello on