Benefits of Do Follow Blogs

For many of the experience bloggers who do know what do follow blogs are I am sorry but this may bore you I recommend to scroll down the page for our list of do follow blogs but for those newbie bloggers I am going to tell you what exactly a do follow blog is. In the wordpress blog platform the comments are automatically set to the no follow tag what this means is that for any comments that are made the website url that you are allowed to put in when you make a comment will not pass any pr juice for googles pagerank to your website.

There are some great tools to check whether a blog is no follow here is one which is a firfox addon called search status another way would be to view the source code and find the url and if it has this after the url “rel=”no follow” then it is not passing any google juice your way.

If you would like to remove the no follow tag on your wordpress blog there are several plugins that allow you to this and after you install it will automatically remove the do follow on your comments section. Here is the newest do follow plugin that will allow you to add no follows case by case

Many bloggers will make comments on do follow blogs for the seo benefits to make their site more popular and gain better pagerank and has become a vital part of a blogs linking strategy but it is a good idea to make comments on blogs that appeal to you and your audience which will allow you to build relationships with other bloggers.Now there are also problems will do follow blogs if you are planning to comment on do follow blogs just for the seo benefits which I have wrote about.

The benefits of having your site a do follow blog would be you will gain more comments and return visitors and who knows might gain a new rss subscription or a sale from one of your advertisers although most of this traffic will be less of a return than search engine traffic. It also can help your alexa ranking since you will be gaining more traffic although I hate Alexa and believe it is such a false portrayal of website rankings but some people swear by it.

The drawback of having a do follow blog will be the amount of spam you will receive which you will need to keep up with and I do recommend using the askimet plugin to battle spam, when I say battle I mean battle since spam is such a freaking problem still nowadays. I would also recommend having a commenting policy which I am working on now on my blog to let your commenter’s to make quality comments that pertain to the blog post and not just comments like great post! Or wow really cool.

I am going to make it easy for you to find do follow blogs by listing some of the ones I like to comment on and will continue to grow this list. I hope you can help me out if you know of a great do follow blog we can add. I will start with mine. You may even want to check out my article on Keyword Luv blogsUpdate March 19th 2010  I will be adding more do follow blogs and keeping this list updated.

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