Best offsite backup Carbonite

When it came to backing up my data I always had the attitude that “hey my computer isn’t going to crash” it won’t happen to me until of course that day it did happen to me. Ok no big deal right? I can get my data back right? Well what if you can’t and you don’t have your important files backed up? Well you are shit out of luck my friend all because you failed to do one simple thing and backup your hard drive.

There is no reason especially if you are running a small business that you shouldn’t have some backup in place. You can backup to a zip drive, cd rom, removable usb drive or online backup company like Carbonite where they offer Affordable online backup for your small business. Only $54.95/year for unlimited backup. Try it free!

I recently had several of my blogs hacked and was able to restore it back immediately because I had my database and wordpress files backed up.Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by losing everything you worked so hard. Backup your files as often you can and utilize offsite backup companies like Carbonite.