Patriots Brady injured could be out for season

Not long after writing my last post about the Patiots going to the Super Bowl and saying as long as we have Tom Brady they have a chance, well that could be all mute now as Brady was injured after completing a pass to Randy Moss. Brady will have an mri tomorrow to see the extent of the injury. Reports are saying that it may be an acl injury which would likely end the season for Brady. Brady has started in 128 consecutive games.Matt Cassell came and to relieve Brady and although he had a subpar preseason he was able to lead the Patriots to victory. If Tom Brady is out for the season it will be a long year for the Patriots.

I am sure there will be knuckleheads out there saying they are happy he is injured. I can’t stand when people wish an injury on someone or cheer when the opponent is injured. I would never wish an injury on anyone and keep in perspective that is just a game. Hope the news comes back not as bad as we think.