Breaking Bad Felina Finale Predictions

I like most starting watching Breaking Bad and was immediately hooked;no pun intended. The series has it all loyalty,pride,envy,greed,trust,family,betrayal,revenge. All of it leads up to one of the most anticipated final series endings of all time. The final should bring us up to speed on the real reason Walter White broke bad going back to his days as a partner at Gray Matter and his college buddy Elliot. There are tons of theories and predictions on what will happen in the series finale and I figure I would have a crack at it.


Throughout the series there has always been made references by Walt of being fifty fifty partners with Jessie Pinkman and nothing can change his mind, he is not breaking that pact. To me this shows loyalty that his word is his bond perhaps because he had a similar agreement with Elliot and Elliot was not as loyal. In one of the episodes Gretchen made reference to as far as she was concerned half the their money was his, to me this tells me that either Elliot or Gretchen betrayed Walt maybe even both of them.I think Gretchen was his real true love; maybe Gretchen cheated on him with Elliot and that is why Walt flew off the handle when Skyler cheating on him.

Walt said to Jesse that he sold his shares of Gray Matter for personal reasons and one episode Gretchen asked Walt why he left her on the 4th of July weekend. So this is why I believe Gretchen cheated on Walt with Elliot or another scenerio I have is that he left because of some moral or ethical dilemma he faced with Gray Matter.

Another theory I have going back to the Shotgun episode while having a conservation with Hank about Gale , Hank refers to him as a genius. Walt is taken aback by these remarks and say’s that from his eyes what he saw on the papers he showed him was nothing more than rogue copying probably from someone elses work.

I believe we are going to find out that Elliot stole Walt’s work back in the Gray matter days and Walt is the “real genius” of Gray Matter. This was also brought up in a conversation with Gretchen about them stealing his work. Walt in the same conversation mentions Gretchen coming from a well to do family and just adding to her millions. I think we are going to see Walt broke his ties with Gretchen and Elliot and was going to take his work and go on his own but Gretchen and Elliot steal it from him.Why is Walt so adamant about making a superior meth product and even more defensive when Jesse Pinkman uses his formula and then in the last episode he finds out that his signature Meth is still being made by Todd. He is not going to let someone steal his work again.

Why is Jesse Pinkman such a pivotal character in the series? To me I think Jesse represents a young Walt someone who is weak and easily manipulated but loyal to a fault. Do you think Walt really needed Jesse Pinkman? No he knew he could control and manipulate him and always remain loyal to him. Walt always protected Jesse until Jesse broke that loyalty by working with Hank and the Dea once that happened he was dead to him.

There seems to be something missing there has to be more to a human being than that? Young Walt says in episode three with Gretchen.He said iron (FE) and sodium (NA).The only thing they are missing is Lithium (LI) The title of the last episode Felina!

I believe lithium had something to do with the creation of Gray Matter. I think lithium is the gray in Gray Matter and not the combined names as everyone suggests.I think it was the brainstorm of Walt one hundred percent and somehow Elliot got the credit and control of the company.

Walt resents the fact of being labelled mild mannered and a sweet guy. He doesn’t want to be portrayed as someone who can be pushed around. My feeling is that he didn’t stand up to Elliot  and Gretchen back in the Gray Matter days perhaps even being manipulated by them. If you recall in the pillow talk episode Walt saying “he never really had a say in anything he did in his life”.

In the last episode there was mention of Gray Matters stock and worries that being linked to a drug kingpin has hurt them. I think somehow Walt is going to get Gray Matter’s money to his family and make it known to the world that he was the true genius at Gray Matter. When Walt says he wants everything that is mine I believe he is not referring not just to the eighty million but the net worth of Gray Matter.

I probably am way off on a lot of this but that’s what makes the finale so great that nobody really knows what is going to happen. How about you are you a breaking bad fan? What do you think is in store in Felina?

Here are few more guesses to what I think happens in the final.

Walt saves Jesse from uncle Jacks crew and kills all of them and he also saves the little boy Brock.Jesse will end up killing Walt then killing himself. The money will get to his family somehow and people will remember his name!