Caliente too risque for the lingerie bowl?

I heard today that the lingerie bowl will not take place this year due to a dispute with the nudist resort Caliente where the game was scheduled to be played. Apparently the resort reneged on an agreement according to the games spokesperson Stephon Mcmillian. The lingerie football league wanted to have areas of the resort in which clothing was required and where the game was going to be played as clothing required.

Well if you plan an event at a nudist resort what do you expect? Your worried about people being nude and the fans being subjective to a less than comfortable environment but then your whole event is focused around scantily clad woman, this is the pot calling the kettle black if I ever seen it.

Too bad to all the millions of lingerie bowl fans who will not be able to see their favorite woman take to the gridiron this year. This is truly a sad day.

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