Cheerleading- The Most Exciting and Dangerous Girl Sport

Guest Post by Shana Alroy

Learn little-known facts about cheerleading injuries

Cheerleading is one of the most exciting girl sports of all times. Almost every girl fantasizes about being the top cheerleader in school and college. There are hundreds of fan followers of the popular cheerleaders. The reason behind the sports phenomenal fame is its attribution to physical fitness and association with the appearance and overall personality of the cheerleader.

According to recent health reports, cheerleading has been referred to as one of the most hazardous girl sport. It is believed that each year hundreds of girls and young women encounter serious health conditions due to this activity. The annual report released by National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research states that nearly 66 percent of catastrophic sports injuries occurred to cheerleaders in high schools. The cheerleading accident ratio has been remarkably high in the last 25 years.

Researches are of the view that this report does not indicate the correct number of the actual injuries that take place during the play. This is because usually, cheerleading injuries are believed to be temporary without any notable side-effects.

Cheerleading injuries have increased considerably over the last few years. The college statistics for catastrophic injuries indicate 66.7 percent of cheerleading incidents, which increased from 59.4 percent last year.

Dr. Frederick O. Mueller says, “ The reason why the injuries have risen in the recent years is due to the cheerleading stunts that involve gymnastic moves”, who is a researcher and professor of sports science and exercise at North Carolina University at Chapel Hill. He adds, “ The ratio of catastrophic injuries can considerably decrease if a competent coach properly trains the cheerleaders.”

Considering the high ratio of fatal injuries, it is important to keep young girls aware of the possible consequences and teach them some safety measures. In addition to this, high schools and colleges should ensure that they hire a competent trainer to minimize the risk of injury.

Author Reference: Shana Alroy is a writer and a blogger. She is currently working for CheerZone; a Michigan based company that specializes in manufacturing Cheerleading Uniform. She also likes to spend her spare time gardening, cooking and socializing.