Chuck Liddell Vs Rashad Evans Results

Chuck Liddell Vs Rashad Evans

Chuck Liddell set to take on the unbeaten Rashad Evans Sat September 6th and hopes to clear the path back to winning the championship back and prove that he still has plenty of fight left in him. Liddell is coming off a victory over Wanderlei Silva after losing back to back bouts against Quinton Jackson and Keith Jardine.

Rashard was a collegiate wrestler and grappling of course is his strong point. Chuck will have to avoid having the fight taken to the matt as it is unlikely Evans will go toe to toe with the Iceman. The winner of this match will likely get a chance at the belt and take on Forrest Griffin.

Evans vs Liddell Results

Rashad Evans defeats Chuck Liddell with a vicious knockout in the second round and will most likely send Chuck Liddell into retirement. This was one of the nastiest knockouts I have seen in a long time. The first round was mostly spent with Evans bouncing around the ring and Liddell trying to land knockout blows. Evans never tried to take the fight to the ground and stayed toe to toe with Liddell albeit very cautiously in the first round. The second round it seemed like Liddell was frustrated not being able to get to the quick Lewis, He got careless and left himself open after trying to land an uppercut Rashad Lewis simultaneously threw an overhand right hook that hit Liddell square on the chin and sent him to the floor in an instance. Referee Herb Dean quickly jumped in to stop any further blows from Lewis as Liddell layed unconscious on the floor.