Congrats to the Saints 2009-2010 Super Bowl Champs

Ok The Super Bowl is over with the New Orleans Saints being crowned championships, Congrats to the Saints and the city of New Orleans. The great thing about football is how everyone loves to be monday morning quarterbacks discussing what should have been done by the head coaches in key points of the game. Well the Saints made some gutsy calls in this game and one in particular was an onside kick at the beginning of the second half which was succesfull and turn the momentum of the game towards the Saints after they marched down the field and scored a touchdown.

This is where it drives me crazy when it comes to Monday morning quarterbacking, if the onside kick was unsuccessful and the Saints end up losing the game then everyone is blaming the coach for such an awful decision but since it worked nobody is second guessing the decision. So it is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback after you see the results of a play. What football comes down to is execution the Saints executed their gameplan and made the plays they gad to when they had to. Sure coaching and having a great game plan is very important but if you don’t execute you are not going to win the game.

So now I will do a little Monday morning quarterbacking of my own on where I believe the Colts let the Saints off the hook. When they stopped the Saints on fourth down and got the ball back at about the three yard line. The Colts decided to be conservative and run the ball three times and were forced to punt. That is not their game they are not a conservative team and have the best quarterback in the league and was throwing the ball at will in the first half. So the Saints came right back and got the three points and were feeling ok only being down by four points after being outplayed by the Colts in the first half.

I think Sean Payton the coach for the Saints totally out coached the Colts and had great management of the game. He believed in his team and what they could do and was not afraid to be criticized to make the gutsy call, as the former Jets coach Herm Edwards said “They played to win the game” and that is exactly why the Saints are Super Bowl champs today. Congrats again to the Saints for a great year. So what are your thoughts on the game?