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Product Name: CONNEKT

Product Description: Another amazing product from Vero Labs. This one is for both men and women and is especially good for success in the workplace. Whether you are the CEO of a major corporation or a young entrepreneur building your own business from the ground up, this is the stuff that will get you where you want to be and help you have a great time while you're on the journey.Unlike other pheromone products, Connekt spray is worn on clothing around the chest and neck to activate your own brain centers; in this case, specifically those associated with trust and relationships.• Enhance Personal Relationships• Strengthen Workplace Bonds• Improve Confidence• Increase Positive Self-Awareness• Experience More EmpathyWear Connekt spray and be your true, uninhibited self.Try it for 60 days and if you don't agree that it works like we say here, send it back for a full refund and my personal apology.This product contains a naturally occurring pheromone/hormone that is strongly linked to facilitating human bonding and relationships.Shown in studies to be a key element in facilitating bonding in humans, as well as demonstrating a number of other useful social functions.It has long been known to play a pivotal role in the successful bonding between newborn babies and their mothers, as well as to other family members.In 2005, a study by Paul J. Zak linked the hormone to feelings of trust in humans. Since then, countless other studies have explored the possibilities this useful hormone has.Refrigerate Connekt between uses for best results."Trust is Power" -Lao Tzu 2500 BC 🙂

Manufacturer LS, Vero Labs
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