Craigslist for Real Estate Leads

For real estate agents looking to gain more real estate leads craigslist can be a vital tool for you.  If you are a struggling agent that is having a difficult time finding real estate leads it doesn’t take much time and energy or even technical knowledge to submit your listings and or services to craigslist.

The first thing you want to do is sign and register with an account, that way you can keep track of all the postings you submitted.

The next thing you want to do is list yourself in the services section under real estate. It is good to make your services specific so you stand out as an expert in a particular niche, If you specialize in property management make sure that is what your title says with a good description, if it is a particular area that you farm use that instead of a broad area where your competing against many other agents and may get skipped over by potential clients.

Now you have yourself in the real estate services section, you now should add all your real estate listings especially any rentals you have. Of course you want to add your contact information and a good description of your listing if you are not providing a link to your website, but ideally what you want to do is have  short description with a link to your website, this is the goal you are trying to achieve. You want the prospect off of craigslist and looking at your website where they can look and search homes and eventually leave their contact information.

If you don’t know how to add a direct link this is the code you will need to insert <a href=””>My Listing</a> just insert and replace your website in and a good keyword.

If you try and submit the same listing the next day you will run into a problem with craigslist and will not allow you to submit a duplicate listings until 30 days. One trick around this is to change the words around a little bit or change the order of the sentences.

So there you go craigslist can be a powerful too for real estate agents to attract more leads and it is very easy and takes little amount of effort to utilize. If you need help please feel free to contact me anytime on twitter @dannyintampa

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