Craigslist Job Postings

I sometimes browse the Job postings on craigslist for kicks and also see job posting’s via Twitter tweets and scratch my head on some of the requirements that the companies post. Not necessarily the requirements themselves but the salary that is paid for the type of person they are looking for.

For example I saw one post for an Internet Marketer that required a bachelor’s degree in marketing which is fine but the offer for compensation was $28,000. So they are looking for someone that has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and want to pay them essentially $13 per hour.

Now I never went to college and do not have a degree in marketing and I would not even entertain that offer. The way I look at if I have the skills to boost a companies profits and bottom line with my marketing skills I am going to be expected to be compensated accordingly or I am going to market my own business and make money. I see some people take offense to the ridiculous posts that expect champagne at beer prices.

Another one I just saw was for a Public Relations expert all for the whopping pay of $10 per hour. I think if you expect of any kind never mind a public relations expert it probably should pay more than $10 per hour.
Is the Internet marketing job market so saturated that college graduates are accepting marketing jobs at a secretaries pay or are these company’s expectations to high?

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