Creative Games to Play With the Family on a Rainy Day

You have this great day planned outside and then all of a sudden you get ready to head out and notice it is raining. Rain does not have to damper a great day. There are so many fun things to do indoors that could actually be more entertaining. You want to include every member of the family when coming up with games to play. You also have to make sure everyone is having fun and laughing a lot.

1. Categories
Everyone takes a turn naming a category. The category can be animals, colors, cars or anything that comes to mind. When the category is presented each person tries to name an object in the category until the last person cannot think of anything. This game is perfect for the whole family as you can make the category broader for the younger members.2. Charades
Charades is one the oldest games around. It does not require anything but your brain and some laughter. You take turns acting out something while the other members of the family try to guess what the person is demonstrating. Any age group can join in on this game.3. Board games
If you have a favorite board game the kids like to play, bring it out. Board games can be a lot of fun and they typically last for hours. Try to choose a game that everyone can participate in and make sure everyone is showing good sportsmanship.

4. Card games
Typically, card games are for the older crowd but there are some games even kids can play. Go Fish and War are great card games for younger children. In Go Fish, you match up the pairs and in War you try to have the highest value card. For the older members of the family, Spades and Rook are fun card games to play.

Regardless of what game you decide to play, make sure everyone is participating. It can bring your family together when you are doing something you enjoy. It can also bring hidden talents out of family members. This is a great way to teach younger children the importance of rules and good sportsmanship. The main thing when playing any game is to have fun and before you know it the rain will stop.

Mike Conner is a game enthusiast and attempts to get his family interested in taking part in family game nights. He also enjoys games like tasty bingo online when he isn’t spending time with his kids.