Creepiest Diseases You Never Knew About

There’s no doubt that there are some weird things that go on with our genetics sometimes that causes the most peculiar things to happen to our bodies. Some are devastating other just makes you look like you belong in another planet. Below are the weirdest diseases that will leave you scratching your head asking… why?

Werewolf Syndrome

This is exactly what it sounds like. The person pretty much looks like a werewolf. It’s a disorder in which instead of only growing hair in the designated areas we know of such as eyebrows, arm pits, etc. the person grows hair all over their body. No need to worry though there are no sharp teeth and need for meat involved with this disorder. There were two brothers in the US who both had werewolf syndrome they were offered roles in the 90’s hit X-Files but turned it down to live normal lives.

Blue Skin Disorder

This is really strange. There’s a whole set of people who live normal lives, have normal feelings, normal longevity, but the only reason why they are considered odd is because they have blue skin. It’s a genetic trait passed on from generation to generation and the people skin range from blue, plum, indigo and sometimes purple. In the 1960’s there was a large family that was simple called “the blue family” who lived in Kentucky watch out they might want to take over the world!

Alien Hand Syndrome

This is caused by brain function gone weird! The patients hand functions entirely involuntarily and they can’t seem to control their hand. Sometimes they’re hands stuff food into their mouth, undress them in public and all sorts of weird things! Luckily chances of anyone having it are very small. There have only been 40 to 50 recorded cases of Alien hand syndrome since 1909 when it was first recorded.


People with this weird disease don’t have control over the things they want to eat. They have the impulse to eat inanimate objects like dirt, paper, glue, mud, feces, glass, etc. Experts think that it may be a mineral deficiency and the body tries to fix it by eating random stuff! Strangely many children in Bhopal were born with this disorder after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. No link has been made between the two events.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

The guy in Miami wasn’t the only one feeling like a zombie. People with this disorder have mental depression and suicidal tendencies simply because they think they are dead! They’re delusional and claim that they can smell their own rotting skin and even feel worms/maggots crawling through their body! They feel as though they are dead and are just a walking corpse.

The above diseases do not have a cure but they can be tamed with either a good hair cut or proving to you that you have a heartbeat. Their way all these diseases have doctors, scientists, and research experts stumped on how these diseases came to be.

Jeff covers health related topics for the Consumer Media Network’s Term Life Insurance blog.