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Curb Your Enthusiasm

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I have yet to come across anyone who has watched Curb your Enthusiasm not say it was the funny show on television when I first started watching Curb your enthusiasm I would laugh my ass off but my wife thought it was stupid but my wife has come around and thinks it is hysterical. Larry David is one funny man and considered a comic genius.

I sometimes get myself caught up in a Larry David moment and say to myself what would Larry do? But then think to myself maybe Larry’s ways would not be the best ways to get yourself out of trouble but you have to admire his sticking to his guns and always saying how he really feels instead of holding back like most people would.

You would never think Larry David is multi millionaire and he could possibly have any problems but just the daily ritual of living gets Larry in trouble. He is amazing at turning his ordinary life and turning into a comedic story. It is so tough to choose the top 5 or even 10 favorite Curb episodes but some of mine would be the doll Episode and the ski lift huge vagina episode

Since I love curb your enthusiasm so much I and I have this blog I wanted to start a little Curb Your Enthusiasm Trivia contest. Here are the rules and prize

  1. Must subscribe to the RSS feed by email. Just add your email on the right sidebar under email.
  2. Answer must be sent here via the contact form below with same email address you subscribed on feed.
  3. 5 Questions will be post on every Sunday beginning Nov 23rd, you must have answers in by the following Wednesday. Contest will end February 28th 2009
  4. The person with the most correct answers will win $25 (hey this isn’t who wants to be a millionaire, cut me slack, this is mostly for fun) In case of tie I will randomly pick winner.
  5. Here are some bonuses if you are an Entrecard user you will receive a bonus of 200 Entrecard credits. If you are the winner and refer five or more persons to subscribe I will add $10
  6. If you don’t want to subscribe and just play for fun that is cool too. Good Luck!

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