Deal or No Deal Million Dollar Winners?

Deal or or No deal still has not had a million dollar winner as of yet. In my opinion there will never be one, not with the way the original way the game is setup with the one million dollar case. They have had several episodes with multiple cases with million dollars called the million dollar mission and I have yet to see anyone win a million even with that setup.

The reason why in my opinion is that unless you have the two big cases left which is the $750,000 and the $1,000,000 dollar case then the contestants are going to have to risk too much money to go for the million. It then becomes to much of a gamble, you are basically in an all or nothing situation.

I do like the show except the fact sometimes it can be really slowed paced and there seems to be way more commercials than any other program on TV. I bet Howie Mandell never thought this show would be so popular, I am sure he is glad he took this gig.

Now for the real reason to watch the show. How about all those beautiful deal or no deal models. Howie is one lucky man having to spend all day with these beauties. So good luck NBC in finding your million dollar winner, but I guess if you do have one that will take a little mystique out of the game for you.