Do Follow Today No Follow Tomorrow

I touched upon this on a previous post about how many bloggers will promote their blogs as do follow then come to find out down the road their site becomes no follow. You are now seeing this trend with a lot of popular social bookmarking sites.

There are many do follow blog lists out there and you will find out half the blogs on these lists are actual no follow blogs , now some blogs may look like no follow but actually have a comment policy where sometimes you have to leave a minimum amount of comments before it goes do follow. But most of these blogs just go bait and switch with the no follow.

So the link juice you think you are getting may only be temporary so if you plan on utilizing do follow commenting as your link building strategy be prepared for the fact that many of your comments and bookmarking links  will eventually lose any value in terms of passing pagerank.

I like to comment on blogs whether they are do follow or no follow as long as they are relevant to my blog and I feel I can contribute to the blog and add value with my opinion. To me a link is a link and although you may not gain any value in googles eyes there are still other search engines that don’t utilize no follow, not to mention the fact you may pick up some new visitors from the comment you leave on the blog.

I however don’t like the fact of this trend and if I feel that the blogger does this intentionally they are going to lose me as a visitor and I am sure others as well. Now I know what you are saying who cares if they lose you, well that is fine by me but it is just the principle if you start a do follow blog then stay the course and don’t tell me the spam comments are to much to keep up with, you knew what it was going to be like from the get go.

Please I would love to hear your opinion on this.