Edge Essentials for Men Arouser

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Product Name: Edge Essentials for Men Arouser

Product Description: Attract Women with the Ultimate Natural Pheromone CologneEdge Essentials are the new natural alternative to commercial pheromone scents. Two essential oil blends for men and two for women, Edge Essentials pheromone products contain the same scientifically designed pheromone formula as the original top-selling Edge Pheromones for Men you have grown to love. The difference is that now those pheromones are working hand in hand with the ancient science of aromatherapy. Real essential oil blends that can subtlety alter mood and emotions work together with the Edge pheromone formula to get even better results than standard Edge pheromones.Choose from two flavors of Edge Essentials for Men:AROUSER with natural cedar wood essential oilHEAT with essential oils of vetivert and clearisageEach 24 ml bottle contains a guaranteed 2.4 mg of pheromone content.

Manufacturer LaCroy Chemical
Upc Code: 851956006390

Price: $34.95

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