Edge Sandalwood for Men

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Product Name: Edge Sandalwood for Men

Product Description: Edge Pheromones are an affordable brand of pheromone products for men and women from LaCroy Chemical, available in a wide variety of scents and sizes. Edge Pheromones include unique combinations of pheromones tailored for each scent at a great price. Get an Edge in your social life, sex life, and current relationships with Edge Pheromones.Edge Sandalwood for Men contains the same great androsteNONE and androsteNOL based forumla contained in Edge Unscented for Men, but with an added sandalwood scent that covers and enhances the pheromone smell in a pleasing way. Sandalwood has a nice, earthy fragrance that compliments the musky smell of pheromones, and is a popular fragrance among Edge fans. Edge Sandalwood for Men can help you attract women and enhance your ability to socialize at an affordable price.Pheromone Content: Each 25ml bottle of Edge Sandalwood for Men includes 2.4 mg dry weight of androsteNONE, androsteNOL, androstaDIENONE, and androSTANone.

Manufacturer LaCroy Chemical
Upc Code: B0002TEC6C

Price: $49.95

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