Edge Wipes for Women

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Product Name: Edge Wipes for Women

Product Description: Edge Wipes (for Women)Product Description:The Edge is available in on-the-go wipes!! Super travel friendly, these pheromones can be instantly deployed!! Get some edge in your life, with this gorgeously scented formulation of pheromones and fragrance! This formula is not only potent but also highly effective; Edge offers a little something extra, it’s beyond perfume and by far more sophisticated than a simple fragrance.Remarkable staying power, highly potent formulaSophisticated, alluring scentWhat Users Say:Fuzzcat on Pherotruth had positive results with Edge, saying she had very sweet and romantic moments with it as well as sexually charged moments “this is one of the most effective pheromones I have ever tried!” (Fuzzcat).See the rest of the discussion about The Edge, on Pherotruth forums.

Manufacturer Love Scent
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