Five Best Cities for Young Professionals to Start Their Career

Because of the harsh economy and unemployment rates finding a job as a young professional can be quite a challenge no matter where you turn. However, there are some cities that offer many opportunities for young professionals because they have such an amazing business per capita record.

Below are 5 cities that will open the golden gates to your career:

#1 Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa state capital has the highest business concentration than any other city studies by Forbes. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities for any young business professional. Business costs are low at a steady 16% average and therefore, small business everywhere are coming here for startups. A great company that is always hiring is DuPont Bioscience unit. They usually hire 500+ people per year when needed.

#2 Raleigh, NC

This college town turned into a Boom Town! it has the 4th highest job growth rate and an employment rate of less than 7%. There is also an abundance of colleges and universities that are always looking to give college students fresh off of graduation to join their companies and bring fresh ideas to the field.

#3 Little Rock, Arkansas

Don’t let the name of this city fool you. Although its named Little Rock is has big potential for companies and professionals anywhere and anytime. With the cost of living at a low average of $43,500 and an average salary above $45,000 this city is a great starting place. Ninety-five percent of the population is a college degree carrying adult and there is 1 small business for every 49 residents and 1 large business for every 1000. At a job rate healthily increasing there no doubt that this is the place to be.

#4 Portland, Maine

This city has the highest small business per capita and one of the lowest unemployment rates. The cost of living is $41,000 and there is 1 small business per 35 residents and 1 large business per 696 residents. Maine is also surrounded by a lot business ports that allow for increased imports and export business.

#5 Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the capital for biotech and advertising companies. Madison attracts so many companies and both old and young professionals that 102.6% of the population have degrees that are worth at least $50,000 with living costs at a low rate of $41,000 that not bad at all. There is 1 small business for every 48 residents and 1 large business for every 689 residents. Because of its high degree rate and high business per capita rate unemployment here is just below 5.5%. There are also tons of government jobs available here because of its high diversity of degrees and people.

Jeff covers lifestyle and living topics for young professionals for the Renters’ Insurance blog.