FL vacation rentals by owner

When it comes to vacation travel most peoples first thought is to find a local hotel or motel in their vacation destination. There is a fast growing market when it comes to vacation rentals and that would be the vacation rental by owner market. Many families are turning to vacation home rentals which can range from single family homes, townhomes, or condos.Florida happens to be the most visited vacation destination for tourist.

Florida a popular vacation destination known for it’s great weather and fantastic beaches. The Disney Orlando area being one of the most popular destination for families looking to travel and can get some great all inclusive packages here Universal Orlando® Resort: Stay a week, save at least 30% plus get exclusive theme park benefits!

Your vacation planning usually begins with accommodations and if you are looking for Florida places to stay from affordable to luxurious Florida vacation rentals by owner is where you can begin. Also a great resource to find things to do and places to see. Best Florida spring break destinations and best Florida beaches.

Although hotels and motels are still popular you may want to research and look into booking a Florida vacation rental by owner. The advantages being that you have a full size kitchen, vrbo’s are usually larger than a hotel, you can also cut costs if vacationing with another group or family.

When traveling on vacation do you prefer booking a hotel or a vacation rental by owner?