Florida’s cold spell-bring back the heat

I have been living in Florida for eight years now and this has been by far the coldest winter since I have been here. Typically we will have a few weeks of cold weather but this year has been ridiculous. I will tell you what I am not going to complain once this summer of how hot it is because I don’t enjoy the cold weather and I am looking forward to Florida heating up again. It is funny how we all complain about the weather like we have any control of it. So much for global warming huh?

I just hope it warms up for all those students getting ready for spring break in Florida. The thing about living in Florida it always feels like you are on vacation, well that is how I feel anyways even though I am always working.

There are so many places in Florida I still want to visit like the Florida Keys, St Augustine, and many more cities. Florida is such a big state it will be tough to see them all. I have some places covered so far including Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota and just recently Daytona Beach including of course where I live and work as a Tampa Bay Realtor.

So tell me do you live or plan on vacationing in Florida? Tell me your experiences of the sunshine state.