Funny Season 7 Curb Your Enthusiasm Clips

I can’t even believe this season of curb your enthusiasm is over. When you think that the show could not possibly be any more funnier, Larry David’s comedic brilliance comes back with a season just as funny as all the other’s. This year’s season featured the cast of Seinfeld and although the episodes that featured the cast were not the funniest in my opinion it was genius how they did a Seinfeld reunion within the Curb Your Enthusiasm program.

Here are some of my favorite season 7 curb your enthusiasm clips for free below or you can buy the complete season 7 dvd here Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season

Richard Lewis meets Larry and Jerry for lunch and leaves after they can’t come to terms on which side Richard should sit on. We all want the luxury suite when we eat don’t we?

Leon and Larry discussing Larry’s previous date with a handicap woman with Leon asking Larry did you bring the ruckus?

Leon’s friend believes Leon is sleeping with his wife after a call from Larry gets misinterpreted by his friend and Leon tries to get Larry caught up in the mess.

Jeff is caught by his wife with woman’s panties in his car and he tells his wife that they were Larry panties and now needs Larry to cover for him.

Larry manages to offend a gay couple after he tells one of the men he was surprised that he was gay.