Funny superbowl commercials 2010

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest televised events in the entire world, it is no wonder that advertises will fork out millions of dollars for a 30 second ad Some of the ads this year have cost more than 3 million dollars. Many people don’t even care about the game they will tune in just to see the commercials.

Some of the previous funny Super Bowl commercials have included Bud Light, Fedex, Heineken,Etrade, Geico, Careerbuilder and more. CBS had already sold out all their spots for 2010. There has been controversy over some ads that have been banned for being too racy or controversial.

Doritos is running an ad campaign where you can vote online on which 3 ads made by fans will be in this years Superbowl spot. You can see the six finalists on their website

Watch all the videos here.

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