Gadgets That Make Travel Safer

Are you planning a trip anytime soon? If so, you are probably not only excited, but you may also be a bit worried.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things do happen when we travel. If we are smart, and we have all the right stuff, we can usually avoid problems or minimize their negative effects.

Most travelers turn to gadgets to help make their trip safer so if you were wondering what kind of new and improved gadgets to bring with you read on…

  • PocketFinder – The most important part of traveling is staying together.  It is very common for family and friends to get separated.  To prevent from getting lost, invest in a Pocket Finder (  This product can be accessed through devices, such as, cell phones and tablets.  It can detect the address, distance from you, speed, and altitude of who is missing.  Never worry about getting lost again!
  • SpareOne Phone – Another great gadget to have with you is a spare cellphone.  This handy device is powered by a single AA battery, and lasts for up to 10 hours talk time, and 15 years unused.  It works almost anywhere – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.  All you need to do is insert your SIM card from your normal phone to the SpareOne Phone (, it is that easy!
  • iPower – Not interested in carrying a spare phone? Then you may want to think about investing in a portable iPhone charger.  No need for outlets or USB’s because it is solar powered.  This is great for charging your phone while sitting at a cafe, or if you want to get out of the city and walk the trails for bit. Even better it is compact! (
  • iChache – This iPhone app ( is great for easy access to your credit cards, loyalty cards, and memberships.  Honestly, who wants to deal with cards when they are traveling?  Do not worry about carrying your wallet around with you, keep everything in your hotel safe!
  • SPI Belt – This small, compact bag is a great way to keep track of your things, and even better, it is waterproof!  Go out to eat, shop, or go to the beach! When you are in a different area, you can be an easy target for locals. But with the SPI Belt ( you will not have those worries.
  • PacSafe Bag– Looking for a more spacious bag? The PacSafe offers both, space and security! It is great for roaming the city, or hiking a trail.  This brand also sells wallets, camera bags, and even purses.  And even better, it is waterproof! (
  • Door Alarm – Everyone worries about staying safe while roaming the city, but what about when you are in your hotel room?  A door alarm is a perfect attribute to travel with because it will allow you to sleep safe and sound.  It is inexpensive, compact, and very loud! (

Staying safe should always be your first priority, especially if you are traveling with kids.  These gadgets should make your travel easier and more carefree. Do not stress and have fun!

Jeff covers travel safety topics for the Travel Insurance blog.