Gas station price gouging

Gas stations price gouging

I am happy to see Florida’s Governor Charlie Christ cracking down on gas stations who are attempting to price gouge. Here in Florida I ran into several gas stations that had ran out of gas. This was before Hurricane Ike even hit Texas. Now I am no genius but I find it hard to believe these gas stations were not able to get their supply of gas prior to the hurricane.

In fact Christ reported that Florida fuel supply was not affected by Ike. So if this is the case why are so many stations covering up their pumps and saying they are out of gas and jacking up the prices. You can bet your last dollar these stations have gas in their supply, they are just speculating they will be able to raise the prices after the hurricane hit and will make a pretty profit on the gas they had already bought at a much lower price. I personally am going to boycott these stations that have done this because I don’t buy this crap.