Guest Bloggers Wanted

Hi thanks for your interest in Guest Blogging I am currently holding off new guest posts until further notice due to time constrains. I will begin accepting guest posts shortly.

When I started out this blog I wanted it to be a blog just like the name says a blog about everything. I have recently decided in order for that to happen I need to reach out to my fellow bloggers for assistance. Besides there is no way I can possibly write or pretend to know everything, although sometimes I act like I do (grin). So I leave it up to my audience out there that are interested in writing a guest blog post and since this is a blog about everything I am sure your topic will be just fine and dandy. So whether it be entertainment, sports, cooking, travel, business, stocks, poker, gambling, technology, social media, so and so forth I want to hear from you.

Now the question is asked why would I write a guest blog post on your blog how is that going to benefit me?  Well of course it is added exposure to yourself as this blog does have very good traffic, it also will benefit your seo for your site as I will allow for backlinks in the post but please keep to minimum of up to three backlinks. I will also list your twitter url in the post.

All I ask is that your guest post be original in that it is your writing and has not been posted somewhere before or a cut and paste. I usually stay away from controversial topics but as long as I can put the finger at you if someone gets pissed that is fine, please not too controversial. I can not accept adult posts as it violates google adsense policies and there is really enough of that out there already anyways.

So now you made that decision to guest post what to do next? The best way is to follow me on twitter @dannyintampa and send me a tweet and I will provide you with my email address, if you are a blogger and not on twitter what the hell is a matter with you?

Please if you are going to write a guest article please be willing to help promote the article by sharing with the various social networks and responding to comments.

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