Guest Blogging-Guest Blogging Network

I have been getting a bunch of requests to write guest blogs which I appreciate very much. I have noticed though many are from ghost writers writing for large corporations. I really want to make it available to real bloggers and small businesses who are active in and participate in social media and are willing to help share, promote, and distribute the content that they write about. I understand that many guest bloggers are writing to work on gaining backlinks which I don’t have a problem with but at least make it a win win for everyone and promote what you write . So here are a few requirements which will help me find what I am looking for.

  • Have either a active twitter account and communicate me with me on Twitter or Facebook account where you can reach me as well.
  • Like our Fan page here since you are willing to write on this blog I would imagine you would like it. 🙂
  • Respond to comments on the article you write

That’s it! I hope to see many more guest blogging requests and I apologize if I have not posted any previous guest blogging requests but just hit me up on Twitter and I will review your article.