Guest Post and make Yourself Famous!

Guest Post by John from

It’s surprising to me how some people think that writing Guest Posts is an awful waste of content. They would think; why the heck would I want to guest post on some other blog when I can write it in my own blog just fine? Or why would I guest post with MY unique content when I can opt to just submit a single work a hundred times over in article submission sites?

Thing is, there are a lot of different ways to make yourself famous on the internet, and the best way has always been (and always will be) using all these facets in a balanced way (SEO as well as PPC, posting as well as commenting on other posts, etc.). You can promote your blog by commenting, bookmarking, forums, social media, and the like; but I think the only way to get these to fly is if you back this up with valuable content first.

Means to Post Your Valuable Content

Obviously, you start writing your own content in your own blog. No pressure here, no one to check on you or reject you. This can be both a good and bad thing.

The good thing is that you can write freely or in any way you want and still be approved (by yourself). The bad thing is that no one will really tell you if you have crappy content (well, not unless it’s really really crappy, or very wrong) and the worst that could happen is that no one will want to read it, or even worst, someone will read that awful god forsaken post you call content and never come back again, ever.

Your blog is your brand, it defines you, and you sure as hell don’t want people to see you as crap.

This has always been a good way of gaining backlinks with a keyword, and a lot of us (among the SEO community at least) know how important keyworded URLs are.

Most people will not search a URL but a keyword; so the more properly keyworded URLs you have, the better searched your site or posts will be.

The main allure of article submissions is that you can submit one work to a lot of article submission sites—it does not have to be unique. This is because for article submissions, you are not really aiming for that particular article to gain exposure, but to expose to Search Engines some other site or post altogether, using backlinks within the article or footer that are usually Do Follow.

You water down your content in hopes that people will be able to find your other contents through Search Engines. Or if you’re lucky, you can also be found when people stumble upon your post from a category in the article submission site you posted your content in. But of course you have thousands of other content to compete with.

Another nice thing about Article Submission Sites is that they are not too strict with checking your content, and some are even automatically approved. Although you do have to follow a certain set of guidelines (how long the article should be, not to put links about the fold, or no links at all in post, etc.) or the article will eventually be removed. Remember to read the guidelines of any article submission site before posting. Some of the more popular ones are Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Base, and so fort; take your pick, or better yet, take them all. 🙂 (Of course I’m being sarcastic here, write in a bunch but not all ok? lol You can opt to alternate in which article submission sites you use for individual posts to get the full effect.)

Now we have come to the point of this entire discussion, why you should Guest Post to make yourself famous.

When you post in your own blog you don’t gain a lot of readership but mainly just maintain old ones.

When you post in Article Submission Sites, you don’t expect that to top in search engines as you are competing with a lot of other posts with the same keywords that are unique or not watered down; so you can expect then to rank more.

OMG no way! Really? If that’s the case, how can I gain new readership and make sure my post will be tops in search engines? The answer to that, my imaginary friend, is Guest Posting.

Guest Posting in a high authority blog with a good readership base can be a good place to promote how insightful you are, and having a bio or a footer link to your blog at the bottom of the post can without a doubt gain you new readers, especially if you made a really good post. (Perhaps like this one? :D)

When you’re new, it is also sometimes lonely to write and see that no one is commenting on your blog; so the solution is to guest post and steal THEIR reader’s insights! (MUWAHAHAHA!) One you could never have “stolen” if you wrote it in your own blog. Also, if you want feedback on your writing, guest posting every now and again is the way to go. You would definitely get more feedback in a high authority site and you are exposed to a lot more people other than your own fanbase.

Posting in a popular or high page rank blog can also ensure that your contents top Search Engines, more than a post in your own blog can achieve (for now). This assures more mileage and your name to be known to more people. But even if you are already extremely famous, never forget about guest posting; it is part of what got you famous after all. And anyways, one can’t have too many readers! And by being extremely famous, you have (because of experience) better chances of not getting rejected, which is a comforting thought.

So what’s “sacrificing” a single content in another high authority blog in exchange for all these benefits? You give them good content, they give you traffic.

If you ask me, there really is no downside. 😛

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