Healthy Diet Plans

Losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle is something that many men and women struggle with.  There are many diet plans that promise huge weight loss but many of them are just fads that don’t keep the weight off long term.  In order to truly be healthy or lose weight it is important to make a lifestyle change and follow a healthy diet plan.

Weight Watchers is a healthy diet plan.  Celebrities as well as everyday people have expressed success.  On this eating plan individuals eat based on a point system.  Based on whether they are trying to lose or maintain their weight they have a certain amount of points and they can look up the point value of different foods to make sure that they are staying within their point value.  Daily exercise is encouraged and individuals can burn off calories and gain additional points.   Individuals can gain healthful advice and insight by attending regular Weight Watchers meetings or following the online plan.  This plan is healthy because it encourages individuals to eat but to make healthy choices.  Weight Watchers has frozen meals, snacks and recipes that users can utilize to help them lose weight.  In addition it is not a starvation diet users don’t have to give up sweets or the occasional slice of pizza.  More importantly it stresses the importance of incorporating exercise.

The Mediterranean Diet is another diet plan that is gaining popularity.  This diet plan recommends that users indulge in a diet rich in plant food and healthy fats.  This healthy diet is based on the daily diet of the people native to the area along the Mediterranean.  This diet recommends fresh non processed whole foods.  Foods include vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, fish and poultry.  This diet does not include a lot of sweets or sugars and recommends exercise.  Some studies have shown that those who follow the Mediterranean Diet plan have a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  This diet is a favorite because not only is it healthy but individuals can choose from a variety of different foods and some foods are limited such as sweets but they are not completely forbidden.

The Jenny Craig Diet Plan is a healthy diet choice.  This plan has been around for a long time and focuses on encouraging as well as teaching individuals how to lead a healthy lifestyle.   The program does deal with calorie counting but focuses more on making sure individuals incorporate the daily recommended food groups in their meal planning.  It encourages complex carbs as well as healthy unsaturated fats.  Dieters can purchase Jenny Craig prepackaged meals and snacks.  This convenience is great for many dieters because they can take their quick meals to work each day and enjoy a healthy lunch.  Dieters can follow the Jenny Craig meal plan online, attend meetings or purchase the diet book.

Being healthy and starting a diet plan doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Individuals can still enjoy great tasting healthy food.

JT covers health related topics for the Consumer Media Network’s Term Life Insurance blog. Many of his articles are about how healthy living helps control the costs of term life insurance policies.