How Advertisements Affect the Subliminal Mind

Marketing is really a detailed subject and there are various aspects in this process which if applied in a right way can persuade a customer towards the product or service. All of the 4 Ps of marketing which are product, price, place and promotion have their distinctiveness and attributes. A marketing campaign will never deliver effective results if any of the above P is ignored or neglected.

As it is known that the media is the phenomenon of the recent times. Weather they are rural areas or urban, the electronic media has reached at each and every corner of the world. The massive, rapid and significant expansion of media is capable of creating some decisive impacts at the minds of the customers and the organizations have realized it very well.

The advertisement which is one of the most integral components of promotional mix has an ability to register any product in the subliminal minds of the customers. Proper and regular advertisement can affect the subconscious and that means that the message will make its place in the mind and it will remain at below the surface of consciousness. Effective advertisement will result in a way that the message of the product or service being marketed will be present as feeling and not as a clear idea.

Both above the line and below the line advertisement can make impacts on the subliminal stimuli. A very fine example is of neon signs, billboards or hoardings. While driving to office, home or else, everybody observes these signboards but after reaching to the destination, these ads will go back of the mind. But the moment one gets out of that atmosphere and comes at a stage of selecting a product from number of available choices, the message of that advertisement which is already there in the subconscious will convince him to choose that product.

Studies have revealed that there are few common things in advertisement that have an effect on human subliminal and which later influence the decisions which consumers make. These common things are shape, music, weight and geography. Besides that, the television ads have a tendency to leave strong impacts on the subconscious.

It has been observed that the cinemas usually use some specific colors in the commercials which they show just before the movie. The message behind these colors is to make you realize that you need to go outside to eat or drink something. The same purpose is obtained by showing visuals or words which will glue at the back of the head. As a result the customer finally decided to buy that product or avail that service.

Olivia Smith is an Internet marketer and  health and fitness writer. She is also a self proclaimed “Internet nerd” and rarely travels further than her wi-fi will take her.